Presentation Problems?

   Let’s admit it – business presentations can be difficult, if you don’t know what you are doing.

If it were possible, a lot of entrepreneurs, CEOs and consultants would prefer to remove presentations from their business vocabulary.

But, herein lies the golden opportunity (yes opportunity not challenge) – to be perceived:

Unique, Different and Brilliant.

You don’t want to be just another mediocre business nobody cares about. A troubling thought, isn’t it? And that is why you are here.

As a brilliant business pressed for time, you understand the importance of business presentations in getting new clients and sales, securing that financing or investment. But you struggle to communicate your value to dream clients and investors in a convincing, polished and impactful way.

You are frustrated with the effort and time it takes to create your slides and disappointed with that sinking feeling of dread at the gap between your final slides and your image. 

You also know that “pretty”, “high-quality”, even “innovative” slides don’t cut it, if it does not move your dream clients to do business with you.

So now, you are wondering, how can my business presentations:

make a great first impression
show I am polished
differentiate me from others
earn me the right to sell

…Join the Masterclass

You will develop the rare ability to get the desired business results you deserve whenever you make presentations, such as:

  • become the only viable solution to your customers’ problems or opportunity
  • command higher fees for your superior products and services
  • reduce your cost in time and money by creating slide decks 2X faster & 1/2 the effort

PLUS, here an additional ‘mind-blowing’ part. If you get on the VIP list before the spots are filled, you will be notified before everyone else when the Masterclass opens.

You will also increase your chances of getting the following tailor-made bonuses: 

  1. Presentation Reminder Cheat Sheet
  2. Presentation Structure Workbook
  3. Slide Polish Checklist
  4. Icon & Infographic Packs for Business Frameworks
  5.  Image & Chart Selector
  1. Company Capability Profile / Business Introduction Slide Deck
  2. Investment and Financing Teaser Slide Deck
  3. Periodic Performance Report Slide Deck
  1. Company Positioning Framework
  2. Company Presentation Guide
  3. Masterclass Handout

Hear from Past Students

I always thought my value proposition was based on what I offered clients, Presentation-Code taught me different. Now, my sales proposals and presentations are spot on based on the rare ability through Presentation-Code’s methodology to read the client’s mind even when they are saying something entirely different.

Tony Black

Founder, Hedge-Minded Limited

How do you create slides and deliver training for one of the most technical subjects in business – Risk Management? Presentation-Code showed me how. I achieved 100% class participation and walked away after 2 hours of training with a fully updated risk management register.

Fadekemi Femi-Oni

Head of Risk Management, FCMB Capital Markets Ltd

The biggest fear is being judged negatively before anyone even gets the chance or time to know you. This is true especially for investors. Presentation-Code’s Masterclass gave me the tool to represent myself professionally and make the right first impression at first contact with confidence.

Afolami Awokulehin

Team Lead Treasury & Investor Relations, Credit Direct Limited


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