About Presentation-CODE

The truth about Presentation-CODE

If you want to make your business PowerPoint presentations beautiful or attractive or creative, then you are definitely NOT in the right place. It’s best we say our goodbyes and not waste your time.

But, “Nice to meet You” if you want brilliant business presentations that make great first impressions, accelerate your results, and amplify your influence on your clients, bosses and team.


We are a PowerPoint business presentation training and design company. We increase your competitive advantage by improving your efficiency in creating effective presentations.

Our mission

We exist to reforge business presentations from cost overheads into profitable assets. And that is why we work only with clients who are convinced that business presentations matter to their bottom line.

Our vision

We want to live in a world where good companies win everytime in the hearts of their staff, clients and communities. What do we mean by “good” company? Find Out.

What we believe!

01 People

Enforces laser-focus on what must and how it should be done

02 Simplicity

Provides the clarity needed to follow a process for desired results

03 Science

Eliminates fluff and fear – based on repeatable frameworks

Meet our Founder

Without wasting time speaking in the ‘third person’, I am Vivian Olloh.

And I help you become the only choice for your clients and employer (Really?). Yes! Just keep reading.

I am not a presentation expert. I am not a graphic designer either. I don’t have a degree in design or psychology. 

However, I understand that almost everything on earth especially humans have codes. We have the language code, computer code, building code – why not humans?

And it’s a waste of time to get people to see things your way if you don’t programme your message/idea to the codes running in their brains already.

I know because, I have created more than 200+ business presentations (I’m sure it’s more than that) from my very first engagement in PwC and still doing so 14 years later as an Investment Banker.

I have tested and applied certain simple CODES (actions) to creating and delivering presentations that have yielded these desired results repeatedly across many sectors:

  • shrink internal reporting slidedeck size and shorten review meetings;

  • convince banks and institutional investors to fund clients and projects costing the size of some countries’ GDP;

  • get Board committees, to green-light projects; and

  • help shareholders buy or sell their companies according to their terms.

To be clear, I did not invent these codes. They are the results of years of work by scientists, teachers, practitioners and authors of how the brain works and how people behave in certain situations – especially business.

So what does all this mean for you?

We can show you how you can win the eyes, hearts, and budgets of your audience without the overwhelm, confusion and wasted time.

Let’s get together over a cup of hot beverage or a hot serving of Asun.